General Regulations of La Grande Galerie Wex Marche-en-Famenne

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The purpose of these rules is to set out the conditions for the admission and participation of artists and galleries hereinafter referred to as exhibitors in the exhibition "La Grande Galerie" hereinafter referred to as "La Grande Galerie" organization.

The exhibition will be held in the Wex facilities in Marche-en-Famenne, Hall 1, from Wednesday 10th November, 2021 at 6 p.m. to Sunday 14th November at 8 p.m.

Exhibitors acknowledge having read the present rules and regulations and agree to follow them at the letter without derogation. This commitment is made irrevocably upon the validation of the inscription by the artist.


Are recognized as exhibitors the persons or representatives of persons (gallery) having a complete file validated by the organization.

Invitations & selections

Artists or galleries that have received an invitation from the organization are automatically selected. They will have received an access code to register their participation.

Artists and galleries can submit an application to the selections.A selection committee will decide whether the application is admissible on the basis of a photographic file and CV to participate in the exhibition. The jury is sovereign in its choices, its decision is irrevocable and does not need to be motivated.

Acceptance or invitation to this exhibition does not constitute a vested right for participation in other editions or events organized by the organization.

Registrations and fees

As soon as the invitation to participate is received by the artist or the gallery, materialized by an access code on the registration page of the exhibition's website, he is invited to register as soon as possible , and to pay the 50% deposit required to validate the registration. It will benefit from a wider choice of pitches/stands , which are allocated in the order of arrival of the down payments. Registration will close on Wednesday, 30th June, 2021

The stand price is € 90 excl. VAT per m² on the floor. The balance of the invoice shall be paid by 1th October, 2021 at the latest.

The exhibitor may not take possession of his stand until all financial commitments and contractual issues will be settled. Failing this, the invoices will remain due, the organization will reserve the right to assign the site to another person .

Likewise, in case of cancellation by the artist as soon as his registration is validated, all invoices will remain due and payable in full.

Sponsors and corporate patronage

If the artist has obtained external assistance to financially support his participation in the exhibition, we commit ourselves to, according to the information provided by the artist and under his only responsibility to :

  • Display on the frieze of the stand next to the exhibitor's name the logo and/or contact details of the sponsor(s) or patron(s), (if they wish)
  • Place the logo and/or contact details of your sponsor(s) or patron(s) on the computer visual accessible by the QR code that will be assigned to you, (if they wish).
  • Place in the catalogue, on the artist's personal page, the logo and/or contact details of your patron (if they wish) 1/10 of a page,
  • We offer through the artist to each sponsor 2 x 2 free entries.
  • This is a service offered by "La Grande Galerie"


  • Maximum two sponsors per site,
  • Valid only for artists and artists' collectives (not for galleries)
  • Under no circumstances will the defection of a sponsor or patron be able to put back into account the participation and the commitments of the artist.
  • The management of the sponsorship or patronage is the exclusive responsibility of the exhibiting artist.

More information


The organisation will do its utmost to promote the event through various means, such as media (newspapers and magazines for the general public and specialized magazines, ocial media, radio and TV)
he organization will print paper invitations to be sent by itself. The artist who wants it can ask at the time of registration for the number of invitations he wishes to send at his own expense.The organization will send a substantial number of emails (24,000) of invitations and promotions to a public of art lovers, collectors and people who have requested it. It will transmit exhibitors the contents of these e-mails so that they can send their address book.

The organisation and the exhibitors will, as far as possible, use social networks with quality messages to be shared.

Stand allocation

The artist himself chooses his location according to the availability on the provisional plan under this link. Stands will be allocated according to the order of arrival of the reservations and validated at the reception of the advance payment on the basis of the provisional plan provided by the organisation. The organisation reserves the right to modify the plan and locations according to the arrival of applications. The plan, with the actual reservations, will be displayed on the site and updated every 48 hours.

Occupancy of pitches

Pitches will be available at the layout / arrangement on Wednesday,10th November from 9:00 am. It is imperative that the fitting out of the stand will be completed by 4 p.m. on the same day.

Any space not occupied by 4 p.m. on Wednesday,10th November will be allocated to another exhibitor chosen by the company organization. The exhibitor having failed to do so will not be able to claim any damages and will not be able to will no longer have access to his booth.

The exhibitor will be permanently on his stand during the opening to the public, i.e. on Wednesday,10th November, evening of opening, from 6 to 10 pm and on Thursday 11, Friday 12, Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 November from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Under no circumstances can the stands be dismantled during the exhibition and they will remain completely arranged until Sunday 8 p.m.

Dismantling will take place on Sunday 14 between 8 and 11 pm.

Stands that are not emptied of their merchandise by 11 p.m. on Sunday will be cleared by the organisation at the exhibitor's risk and peril and transported at the exhibitor's expense to the organisation's headquarters. No recourse will be possible against the organization in case of damage or loss, theft or other damage of any kind to the moved works.

Arrangement of the stands

Each stand is supplied empty with a 20 watts the equivalent of 2 M² on the ground led spot (For example, a stand of 16 M² will be equipped with 8 spotlights).

The walls are white with segments 1M wide and 2.50M high, a façade frieze and various structural reinforcing elements. The name of the artist or gallery will be displayed on the front with the city, country of origin and stand number and if there are any, the names of the artist's sponsors. The stand floor will be covered with a mottled anthracite gray carpet.

On request, a reserve of 2 x 1M closed by a curtain can be installed (30€). The stand may include, an electrical supply 2500 watts max (20€), one or more 20-watts LED spots in addition (25€ per piece).

Partitions 1M wide to modulate the space of your stand are available at a cost price of 20 euros excluding VAT. (Separate billing according to your wishes.)

It is strictly forbidden to nail, screw or glue anything to the partitions, railings and other structures of the stands. Exhibitors will provide a suspension system from the top of the stand, from the top of picture rails. The organization will provide, for a deposit in cash, suspension systems (hooks to be placed on top of the stand structures, perlon cables and sliding hooks, resistance 12 Kg per system) the deposit will be 5 € per suspension system. Upon dismantling, the suspension systems will be returned to the secretariat of the organization, the deposit will be refunded provided that the equipment lent is complete and in good condition. For each damage or failure, the amount of 5 € per system will be retained.

The works of art will be suspended with a reliable system.

The exhibitor will be very attentive to the alignments, the general aesthetics of the stand and will avoid overloading his exhibition space. The presentation will be neat.

No object may exceed the rented exhibition space.

No work will be placed on the ground (except monumental sculptures).

Sculptures will be placed on pedestals or shelves, small objects will be ideally placed in a showcase.

Any ostentatious decoration not related to the exhibition will be refused. However, it is not forbidden to use "originality" to personalise your stand.

It is strictly forbidden to connect to the organization's electrical system other than the power supply(s) provided for this purpose. (Power supply ordered previously).

At no time will any object belonging to the organization be dismantled or modified.

Respect for the environment

In order to limit waste, we have decided not to put any fabric/tissues on the walls of the stands (the stands will be white and clean).

The carpets offered are 1M x 1M tiles for rent and reusable.

We insist that you keep your waste to a minimum.

Registration package

The registration package of 140€ excl. VAT includes :

  • The management of your registration file
  • presence inside the exhibition catalogue. One page per exhibitor with a colour reproduction, contact details of the exhibitor, e-mail and website, city and country of origin. Each exhibitor will receive two copies of the said catalogue. For the galleries, each artist's name will be mentioned.
  • The frieze banner on the exhibitor's stand with name, origin and stand number and if there are any, the names of the artist's sponsors.
  • 2 badges, the galleries will receive one additional badge per exhibited artist. These badges are nominative and cannot be transferred to another person.
  • Light waste collection before the opening on Thursday at 4pm and every evening after closing.
  • Technical assistance in the event of problems attributable to the organisation (electricity, damaged carpet, etc.).


"A vin d'honneur" will be offered by the organization, at its expense, to the exhibitors on Wednesday at 5:30 pm.

The vernissage will take place on Wednesday 10nd from 6 pm to 10 pm and will be organised by each exhibitor on his own stand and at his own expense. This will enable them to personalise their welcome.

For the public, access to the opening will be charged at the current rate. The exhibitor will receive one free entrance valid for two people per 4M³ of stand rented. Entries are valid for the duration of the exhibition.

Exhibits and sales

Much of the promotion of the event will be based on the quality of the works on display but also on the affordability of the art. We will communicate on selling prices of the works between 100 and 10.000 €. There is no restriction, but we invite you to limit the number of pieces displayed to more than 10.000 € or less than €100.

Only pictorial works, sculptures, photographs, artistic glassware will be exhibited. The works exhibited will be exclusively originals. The works will be by the exhibiting artist or artists represented by a gallery and mentioned at the time of registration. No resale of works by a third entity is permitted.

All exhibited works will be for sale.

The price of each work will be clearly displayed. It is forbidden to display crossed-out prices, cross-referenced prices or reductions or percentages of any kind.

The sale is authorized during the entire exhibition for the sole benefit of the exhibitor without commission for the organization.

The sale is exclusively the responsibility of the exhibitor.

For security reasons, works taken by a buyer during the entire exhibition will be accompanied by the exit voucher describing the work. This voucher, provided by the organisation, must be presented to the caretaker at the exit.


All necessary measures will be taken by the organizer to ensure that the guarding of the exhibition, outside opening hours, is efficient. It is the responsibility of each exhibitor to exercise vigilant control over his own equipment or possessions during the opening hours to the public, and during the setting up and dismantling of the stands.


The cleaning and permanent maintenance of the floors (traffic, entrance and free surfaces on the ground) will be ensured by the care and at the expense of the organizer. The exhibitor is responsible for the daily cleaning of his stand. Waste must be deposited in the aisles when the exhibition doors are closed, cleaning being carried out at night.


The exhibitor authorizes the organization to use the visual documents provided for the illustration of the catalogue, the promotion of the exhibition both on printed media and on the exhibition website, all social networks, television and any other suitable promotional support. For the purpose of promoting the exhibition, the artist and his work(s), the email, website, city and country of origin and the name of the exhibitor will be used. All other data will remain the property of the organization. For the same purpose, the organization may use the image of the exhibitor's stand. The exhibitor and the artists waive all rights to these various elements, both during the exhibition and before or after it.


The organizer declines all responsibility for any damage of any kind that may occur to the works, goods on display or exhibitors for any reason whatsoever, including theft. La Grande Galerie has taken out civil liability insurance as the organizer. The exhibitor and his insurer waive all recourse against the organizer who, together with his insurer, waive all recourse against the exhibitor for material damage due to fire or explosion that he may cause to the installations of Wex Marche-en-Famenne he exhibitor will have to present the certificate of a compulsory civil liability insurance, with a clause waiving recourse against the organizer, to the secretariat on arrival at Wex... In addition to the compulsory insurance cover, exhibitors may take out insurance with their usual company to cover all other risks incurred, in particular theft, damage to works or exhibition material. Exhibitors release the organizers from all liability in the event of fire, explosion, flooding, miscellaneous disturbances, and for any element not attributable to the organizers, agents and employees. In particular, they may not be claim for damages from the organizers in the event that the rented ensemble cannot be effectively used by the exhibitors due to events of a force majeure nature.

Miscellaneous Prohibition

Exhibitors are not allowed to exhibit unless expressly authorized by the organizer:

  • to sublet all or part of their site free of charge, against payment or exchange of services,
  • to play music in their stand or demonstrate machines that may disturb other exhibitors.

It is forbidden to smoke in the enclosed areas of the Wex.

Responsibility of the organizers

In the event of “force majeure”, order of authority (our Belgian government), in particular in the event of a transport strike, the organizer may postpone the fair, change its opening hours or exclude the public. He may cancel it or close it before the scheduled date. In any case. The contracts concluded with the exhibitors remain fully valid and the payment of stand rental and any other services due. In addition, the organizer release from reimbursement of all additional expenses (hotel, transport, etc.).

Online sales

All persons having subscribed to an online purchase within 7 calendar days to withdraw. In case of withdrawal or cancellation of the purchase, the refund will be fully refunded within 7 working days of the request.

The supplier accepts payments by Visa, MasterCard, Bancontact, Maestro and bankwire. If you choose to pay with a credit card, the money is immediately withdrawn from your card upon confirmation of payment.

Application of this regulation

The organizer reserves the right to rule at any time on all disputed cases or those not provided for in these rules. These decisions, even if transmitted orally, are final and immediately enforceable. The organizer reserves the right to modify or supplement the present rules, without prior notice, in the interest of respecting the safety of persons and property. The organizer will inform the exhibitor by all appropriate means.


Exhibitors' claims must be submitted, for the purpose of amicable settlement, to the organizer by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt within 15 days following the closure of the exhibition. After this deadline, claims will no longer be admissible. Any dispute shall fall exclusively under the jurisdiction of the courts of Dinant and shall be subject to Belgian law. For the interpretation of the regulations, only the French text is authoritative.

Headquarters of the organisation
La Grande Galerie, Frédéric Lurquin, A Street. Daoust 104 - 5500 Dinant - Belgium - T+ – Company number and VAT BE0722.224.188

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