Support for corporate sponsorship

Have you thought about having your stand sponsored by promoting your work at "La Grande Galerie" at the Wex from the 10th to the 14th in November?

How does it work?

In today's exceptional circumstances, let's be creative and dare to ask!

In order to finance your location at the " La Grande Galerie " exhibition, I invite you to solicit one or two of your best clients, suppliers or companies.

You propose to them to finance now entire or part of your stand.

In exchange, you will offer to your sponsor, at the time of the exhibition, a work of value +/- equivalent to the sponsorship received (or the sum paid will constitute a deposit on a more expensive work).

Everybody wins!

The artists

  • You are exhibiting, investing no or less money in an exhibition that will potentially drain 8 to 10,000 visitors (*) in 5 days,
  • As your costs are covered in whole or in part, you may have the option of opting for a larger stand,
  • You will have visibility,
  • You're more likely to sell,
  • You have a work that is automatically in a collection,
  • You have a work on display at the exhibition with a "red dot" which immediately motivates others to buy, ...

What you have to do:

  • Dare to solicit sponsors in your clientele, dare to ask for support from your suppliers, from the companies or liberal professions in your entourage... , (The circumstances are exceptional, you can do it!)
  • Now write a sponsorship invoice to your "sponsor(s)" for the amount or part of the amount of your stand,
  • Offer him the choice of a work of art as a priority during the exhibition with a +/- value equal to the/his investment,
  • If you wish, you can provide us with the contact details of your sponsor and/or its logo if it is a company.

The sponsors

  • If your sponsor is a company or a liberal profession, it will receive your sponsorship invoice which it will be able to deduct 100% for tax purposes,
  • Once the tax deduction has been made, the company will benefit from the purchase of a work "(for) free" or +/- up to the amount of its bet, ( it is up to you to decide whether or not you will give a percentage)
  • You will give your sponsor the right to choose a work in priority,
  • Sponsoring companies and/or collectors will benefit from visibility as sponsors in the catalogue and at the exhibition venue,
  • They will be seen by a potential panel of between 8 and 10,000 visitors (*) in 5 days.

What they need to do

  • Advance the sponsorship amount now,
  • Provide, if they wish to appear, among others, in the exhibition catalogue, their contact details and logo.

Our commitment :

  • Display on the frieze of your stand the logo and/or contact details of your sponsor or patron, (if they wish)
  • Place your contact details on the computer display accessible by the QR code that will be assigned to you, (if they wish)
  • Place on your personal page in the exhibition catalogue the logo and/or contact details of your sponsor (if they wish) 1/10 of a page,
  • We offer each of your sponsors 2 x 2 free entries.

Restriction :

  • Maximum two sponsors per site.


(*) Statistics from our previous organizations

Here's an idea from different reflections to try to help you expose from the restart.

Be careful, there are only 60 free spaces left!

To see more clearly the future and give you time to find your sponsor, the closing date for registration is Tuesday, June 30th 2021

I hope that you will find this idea motivating and that it will be a great opportunity to show your latest creations quickly.

Our team is at your disposal for any kind of information.